We Support

The Foundation supports the following organisation overseas:

WatotoWatoto Childcare M inistries

We have supported Watoto since 2007. In fact is was to raise funds for Watoto that the Foundation was initially set up.

The Foundation supports the following organisations locally based:


We made a connection with MK ACT through one of the people who support the Foundation. We soon saw that through simply giving a gift to the women at MK ACT around Christmas time, that we could make a difference however small that may appear.

FoodCupboardbletchleyMK Food Cupbaord.

We made a connection with The Food Cupboard through St Mary's in Bletchley. Ann along with her husband have managed and run the food cupboard volunteerily for the past 20 years. They are an absolute inspiration. Both individuals who quietly get on with helping others with nobody really knowing what they do! It is a priveledge to know and support them.

The Foundation has also supported in the past the following organisation which is UK based:

Mercy MinstriesMercy Ministries.We have in the past raised money for Mercy Ministries based in the UK who work with young women who have life controlling issues.