Watoto Choir 2009

Watoto Choir Milton KeyensAn unforgettable time was had across Milton Keynes when the Watoto Children's choir came to town! The Watoto Children's choir were amazing as they sang their way through various venues throughout Milton Keynes and Olney between Friday 24th April to Sunday 26th April 2009. It was so exciting to host the choir! The children sing a song "I am not forgotten" and that is truth!

An incredible £10,000.00 was raised

Concerts were at the following venues:
Friday 24th April
12pm - Shenley Brook End Secondary School
7pm - St Mary's - Church Green Road, Bletchley

Saturday 25th April
11am and 12pm Middleton Hall, Central MK Shopping Centre
7pm - St Peter and St Paul Church - Olney Parish Church

Sunday 26th April
Morning concert - Stony Straford Baptist
6pm - Christ the Cornerstone - Central MK

"What a blessing", "Incredibly moving", "I wish I'd invited someone with me" were just some of the many comments given by those who had the priveldge of seeing the Watoto Children's choir.

For those of us who helped to organise and be apart of their time in Milton Keynes is was an inforgettable experience that we will all cherish. The children are an absolute blessing and their stories are of one of great hope.